The Average Savage [Digital]

by Snotty Nose Rez Kids

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KKKanada 05:11
The Water 04:32
Forever Sick 03:55
[Young D] I know you heard it in the movies, read it in comment sections, seen it in the ol’ cartoons, hell, you might of been told from your grandparents. They’re savages...Untamed...Uncivilized. Ill mannered. Vulgar heathens. but those are all just received ideas. cause in my eyes, a savage is the most brave. You have to be strong. Resilient and persistent to survive the tribulations thrown in our direction! We have stories that need to be heard for us to grow but for some of us its difficult to tell a story when the past continues with attempts to silence your voice, you know? They tried to wipe us out. Take our languages, our Culture, our traditions, our future. We’re still here….and guess what? we’re waking up. We the 7th generation and We’re in a time where the First Peoples are rising up and strengthening our identities through movements that make us stronger with every move we make. Some find their strength in protecting the land, providing for their families, dancing like our ancestors, weaving like our grandmothers, painting our hand drums and singing our songs. And we’re no different; We find our strength in hip-hop by exposing the past we were forced upon and embracing our culture, traditions, and languages. We rise in unity with our brothers, sisters and allies alike. Call us what you want, but we them savages.


We call ourselves savages, red skins, and indians. Some people hear this and underestimate us. They don't think we understand the origin and weight of these words. We have reclaimed these words, and stripped away the harm they were intended to carry, the hate and ignorance they thought we didn't notice. When we say Average Savage, you better believe that means that we are the most brave indigenous warriors out there and there's nothing average about us. Our people are survivors by force. We've injected clips of movies, cartoons, and media into our track list to point out how this racist shit is engraved into our minds as kids - how normalized it was for us to hear 'Stupid Indian' and 'Kill the savages'.

When we interact with these slurs, we are confronting them, deconstructing them and regurgitating them to create our own impressions that exemplify us as the strong, creative, and intelligent Savages we know ourselves to be.


released September 22, 2017


all rights reserved



Snotty Nose Rez Kids Vancouver, British Columbia


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