Dead Chiefs [Prod. By BigBoyTraks]

from Snotty Nose Rez Kids by Snotty Nose Rez Kids



This for all my dead chiefs
Aye, aye
this for all my dead chiefs

[Verse 1: Young D]
Yi Yi Yi!
Here go young Geronimo
I'm so minay if you ain't know
I don't need reservations
when I'm straight up out the rez yo
Its go time homie, let's go
know I gotta thank Winnipeg's Most
AOG, man we keep it aboriginal
this youngin skinny but more busy than Biyombo boy
I put the team on my back doe
we gon' ride and die on me
I ain't bee'z in the trap
but my hair slicked back like I'm Eazy-E
Who rock the spot? D drop it like its hot
that's with the AC
I'm Stephen Curry,
you're Shaqtin' A Fool, that JaVale McGee
Word up, let's get real for a minute
I'ma grind til I shine, best believe I'm committed
I'm a snotty nose rez kid up to the fitted
with the heart of a champ, we don't quit it til we get it
Its the Brave in my blood and man it takes guts
take a look around homeboy, its just us
Its go big or bust, ain't no time for rust
with my day one fam, in minay we trust!
Happy Gilmore, tryna' make the big bucks
I go hard to the core, that's from dawn to dusk
Sam Cassell, the boy got big nuts
with the rock in my hand, I'm the man in the clutch
Rookie of the year that skipped the hazing
I ain't saying I'm the best, I'm just fuckin' amazing
Love me or hate me, it'll never change me
like Al used to say "It's Go Time Baby!"

This for all my dead chiefs
that bled for all the land and peace
Forgotten ones that been deceased
at the top of our family trees
Aye, aye, this for all my dead chiefs
aye, aye, this for all my dead chiefs

{Verse 2: Yung Trybez]
Here go young Sitting Bull
my love for my people unconditional
And you know I'm living in the city but I'm keeping it traditional
young aboriginal, labeled as a criminal, AH
And they said "Go cut your braids," I ain't having it
I stick it to the man like my daddy did...stupid ol' savages
Mama'o always wanted me to get it
baba'o never knew me god damnit,
My abu' made the best damn bannock on the planet
and my op' taught me all my bad habits
I'm a product of blood shed
but every time I bring it up someone change the subject
And youngin is correct, I don't need a reservation
so when I'm running late, have patience
I been taking my time just to enter my prime take a look at me now
I do it, I do it, I'm here to pursue it, my mama so proud
Word to the youngin, listen up for a second man
this if for the man that took a stand to oppression
While they fought for our land with nothing but a message
this is our home, we ain't scared of your weapons
A valuable lesson, now this is my message
for Geronimo, Pontiac and all the other legends
And the youth of today that'll be my successor
I'm ready for war and we're in it together
You showed us your teeth, what the hell you expect
you're destroying the land that we're here to protect
Like the chiefs I respect that I'm about to resurrect
here go Yung Trybez, I'm next


[Verse 3: Young D]
Yi Yi Yi! Here go young crazy horse
since birth I’ve been labeled as a dark horse
Standing up to the bully with the force
in the fourth, I’ma kill it like the Purge with no remorse, AH
A native with a voice ain’t never good
carving out my name in the cedar wood
My tribe red like a suit on Suge
hate is the new love for the injun that could
For real doe
hope you can see my smoke signals
I’m a native and I know it and I ain’t afraid to show it
why you think I let the hair grow?
So before we turn into skeletons
may the creator forgive me for all my sins
I just got minays, I ain’t got no friends
And we’ll fight to make it right till the bitter end
Real Rez boy
and I ain’t talkin dorm residence
Most of ya’lll rappin' for them dead presidents
well I rap for dead chiefs boy
I’m an underdog like March Madness
coming through with the W, fuckin up your brackets
This for the Chiefs that died
to avoid being landless all around the atlas
So we gon' fight back with the tracks on my Captain Jack Modoc
I be slick with the tactics
I’m on a Red Cloud when we standing our ground
don’t you worry fam, we got this
Chief Poet, Dan George
understand that my heart soars
For those that couldn't tell their story
but the spirits will be with us when reach the glory

[Verse 4: Yung Trybez]
Here go young Pontiac
I'll die for my land, I'll be right back
I do this for all of the Braves from back in the day
my minay where you at?
Cuz we the new slaves,
naw man, we originals
Stuck in our ways, I'm so minay
fucked up individuals (we're fucked up)
I'm first in command but you gotta understand that minay be the family
against all odds with our backs to the wall, we'll defy gravity
I got a big plan for minay and all fans, man we about to go way up
cuz the life that I'm livin' was good in the beginning, but for me that ain't enough
Let me break it down for you, what I mean by the beginning
I'ma bring it way back to a time we were winning
Man I'm thinking of a time way before we were indian
when our villages were killin' it
Then the man came and dragged out the visit
tried to kill us off but we failed to diminish
Now they're killing off our land like business is business
fuck your pipelines, man we about to get vicious
I'm a warrior at heart but I'm dealing with grief
I'm feeling defeat as I stand with the chiefs
Fuck your beliefs about reconciliation
we're tryna' stand up from the fall of our nation
8 generations, serving out our sentences
thrown at the rez, I'll forever be a resident
I mean no offence, but I gotta represent
all the chiefs that we lost, fuck a dead president



from Snotty Nose Rez Kids, released January 28, 2017


all rights reserved



Snotty Nose Rez Kids Vancouver, British Columbia


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