Fish and Rice [Prod. By Scarecrow Beats]

from by Snotty Nose Rez Kids



[Verse 1: Young D]
Living on a budget, I can’t pay the price
tell me what’s gourmet? it must be something nice
Yeah, but I still dream about that paradise
all while I’m eating a bowl of that fish and rice
With some ice tea in my cup, its been my go-to since a little pup
but now I’ve grown up and the bills are building up
And for this last damn month man
that’s been my breakfast and my dinner and my fuckin lunch
Broke and feeling starved, that combination’s deadly
these times are getting hard for a youngin in his twenties
I’m counting pennies like Sheldon knocking for Penny
which isn’t many, so, if anything this next week is looking Ugly Betty
Uh-oh, that can is starting to run l-ow
my stash better have m-o, i fuckin hope s-o
And if not I’ll lose my shit and finna go lo-co
hoof, luckily I have one more tho

[Hook: Young D & Yung Trybez]
Cuz I’m just a youngin that’s hopin
that this ain’t the last can that I open
and its the only thing keeping me going
cuz now my pockets ain’t really that swollen
And the man up above only knows why
that right now there’s some things that I can’t buy
So I can’t complain if it help me get by (what’s that? what’s that?)
Canned fish and rice, heyy

[Verse 2: Yung Trybez]
Yo, picture this...and put yourself in this position
you're a snotty kids granny frying fish in the kitchen
You would cook, clean, bake a cake and even wipe his ass
but he all wanted was some chicken, so he spit it in the trash
But we were only children
she's an angel up above and I don't how she did it
She put up with all his bullshit, I would of killed the kid
I guess I'll admit, that was me but now I'm different
Cuz nowadays, I like prawns dipped in garlic butter
crab legs, fish eggs, I've even eaten seal blubber
but man I really miss my mama'o yelling "Supper time!"
to find a can of fish that we jarred in the summer
(Man, what else you got for me?)
We got deloss in the smokehouse
a jar of ooly grease and some salt to over coat it
Drank shakes that made me quake with some fries that crossed my eyes
but have you ever tried a bag of eulachons with mustard on the side?
I'm on the toilet and I'm screaming
Pepto Bismal, I'm feinding
Still the bomb tho, Hiroshima
that aquafina salmon that runs up the Skeena
And when it falls like confetti, when your bank account is empty
and you can't afford spaghetti
How you supposed to buy the grub you need to fill up your belly?
let me tell you cousin, its in a can and its ready
Crack it open, heat it up and mix them all together
you know fish and chips? aight, but canned fish and rice is better
With a can of fish and soya sauce, and a pickle for the side
just add a cup of water and a half cup of rice
Its my way of life, my papa set me right
man, my mama taught me well and I got grandma to thank
Man, I'm down to pocket change but my mama says I'm rich
cuz there's nothing in my bank but my freezers full of fish


[Verse 3: Young D]
I’m Starvin Marvin…I can’t focus
thought I’d be rich by now still the brokest
that pay day disappeared quick, hocus pocus
so the landlord sent me an eviction notice, damn
My fridge is far from being full
and no I ain’t being irrational
All I got left is non-perishable
and there’s no more than a handful
Yeah, but les-be honest like two girls in bed
I’d rather eat out but I ain’t got no money left
So instead, I’m fed from that meat below the fish head
I got an indian taco boy, the power of the Fry bread
The struggle real and nothing less...
too bad I can’t cash reality checks….
I push it to the max like a credit card in debt
this what I get for going for broke man, a fuckin wreck



from Snotty Nose Rez Kids, released January 28, 2017



all rights reserved


Snotty Nose Rez Kids Vancouver, British Columbia

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