Indian Car [Prod. By ItsGoodBeats]

from by Snotty Nose Rez Kids



Indian Car

This remind meeee of my first whip
’93 Honda Civic kid
I be, rollin 5 deep, windows down a bit
we just a bunch of snotty nosed rez kids mayne
Cuz how far we go back? red light, green light
got a youngin almost running out of gas mayne, but we gon be alright
drive slow homie, life moves fast, don’t wanna see them flashing lights
even when the car looking like trash, we be like “hell yeah that’s my ride"
Gotta keep it Andre 3 Stacks to the max
got the dj in the front and the rest in the back
kicking back while the speakers on blast, uh
Hot box it up (whaaat), my boy will pass it up
don’t want my boys to gas me up,
if they do then I want that shit free on tax, uh
In the fast lane on the highway,
late night with the pedal to the medal
Ain’t even thinking about a ticket,
just to be safe, let’s let the smoke settle
We got them beats all banging
switching lanes we swangin
and I don’t see that ever changing mayne
hell naw, cuz we

[Hook: Yung Trybez]
Cruisin ‘round, windows down
music loud now
Rolling with them boys,
we the type your mama told you about
We’ll go that extra mile
since we was juveniles
That youngin lifestyle
homie we gon be awhile
Hit the spot after dark, put it in park
let us spark, paper extra large
we be on our way to Mars
In my Indian Car
we just a bunch of snotty kids from the rez

[verse 2]
Ain’t got no Cadillac, my rims ain’t D’s homie
call it my Hondallac, we still burn CD’s homie
But its getting me, from A to B
I need change or something cuz my tank is on E mayne
No jokin cousin
no candy paint, iits a little rusted
I’m sweating bullets, my A/C busted,
can’t speed uphill, I wouldn’t trust it
even if you crush it, but i still love it
cuz at days end that shit better than nothin
Would rather have that and let my tank run out
than stand down the road with my thumb all out, no doubt
That’s small town bullshit,
ain’t got shit to do with no where to go
Riding dirty, gotta avoid the po
so we hit the back roads
Drive it like a 4 by 4
bounce with no hydraulics tho
Hear the branches scape against the windows
but fuck if I care, this car is so damn old man
For real….We park down by the ocean
to spark that loud and get roasted
Just to talk about life and embrace the moment
So if I drive or sit in the passenger
I’m always down to pass to ya
Talk bullshit and laugh with ya
Cuz I ain’t never mad atcha when we


[outro: Speech]
Just a bunch of younins out here man, who ain’t got no care in the world
Sometimes I feel like pullin up and tellin my homies to get in, and lets leave the town that’s so rural
Cuz we been there and done all that shit know this small town shit can be a little cruel
my tank is ready to go, let’s get this show on the road and make our own rules family,
you know?
And that’s how it go
when you’re a youngin from the 250
in particular, the People Of The Snow
since the day I turned 16 years….no joke
Man, those were the days
That’s how it was for real.
In my indian car


from Snotty Nose Rez Kids, released January 28, 2017



all rights reserved


Snotty Nose Rez Kids Vancouver, British Columbia

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