My People (ft. Nyomi Wahai) [Prod. By BigBoyTraks]

from by Snotty Nose Rez Kids



[Hook: Nyomi Wahai]
Standing here by myself
in a place I find my peace of mind
Cuz I’m finding myself
and its alright
We break down, we cry
gotta take it all in stride
I’ve got the strength within
with my people by my side

[Verse: Yung Trybez]
I’ve been going with the flow, riding out a wave
but nowadays to figure that its time to act my age
I got people telling people “These minays will never make it”
but throw me at a stage and it feels like I’m famous
What up with all the hatred?
the blood flowing through ain’t the same but we related
And its all love cousin, to all my relations
don’t worry about em haters man, that’s how the creator made em
Man I really hate to say it but not all lives are equal
none of us is same, so I’m praying for my people
Some won’t even get to see through what we doing this year
cuz we got murdered and some missing that will never reappear
But my cheeks ain’t made of sugar man, they ain’t gonna melt
we preservere through the pain and the tears we’ve been dealt
Cuz at my lowest, man I though of an escape
so I gotta thank my people for every breath that I take


[Verse: Young D]
I feel like young Slim Shady, hitting rock bottom
boys ask if I’m aight but I don’t really feel like talking
Cuz I'm the rose growing from the concrete tryna blossom
through every single dark night, no gotham
I was told to get it how you live
I say turn a negative to a positive
On the days where I be stressing more than just a little bit
grown ass man but at heart I'm still a kid yo,
Yeah, I tell my bro that he worry too much
he replies back “Bro, you don’t worry enough”
Young bucks who ain’t the got the bucks,
its tough dawg, I know, this life can get a little rough man
Yeah, so nowadays I’m just coasting
going through the motions thinking fuck all these emotions
I’ma hop up in the car and take a cruise down the road
where the fam all go to take a dip down by the ocean
Yeah. Its day light, so there’s no stars to make a wish
to take away the pain this i’m sick of
Got me talking like Money Making Mitch
cuz I just need to be around some love mayne
Yeah, I end up seeing my homie Soupcan
can’t nobody help me smile more than that dude can
Or my brother Dan The Man, who’s the only man
that can understand me without talking man
You minay’d my day,
cuz all of a suddenly my mood switched
and I don’t feel hopeless
Can’t stress how bad I needed this cuz
it got me smiling in a beautiful bliss and I thank you



from Snotty Nose Rez Kids, released January 28, 2017



all rights reserved


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