Off The Ledge (ft. Nyomi Wahai) [Prod. By Taylor King]

from by Snotty Nose Rez Kids



[Yung Tybez]
I pull that barrel up to my temple, I wipe away my tears
I’m looking into my mirror, myself is what I fear
Cuz I hate myself today, I’m drowning in my sorrows
you want the honest truth, I’d rather die than face tomorrow
Cuz without the pills I can’t sleep
my thoughts are heavy, my mind’s weak
My cheeks are raw, my pillows wet
my sheets are soaked from these cold sweats
I gotta know, is life really worth it?
What did I do for me to deserve it?
I’ll end it all, I PROMISE!
there’s gotta be more man, what is my purpose?

[Young D]
Listen man, life is so full of these peaks and valleys
but don’t let them valleys turn into canyons
Ain’t gotta do it alone, look man you got family
if you’re taking that step you’ll have instant regret as soon as it happens

[Hook: Nyomi Wahai]
All the voices in my head
I’m so sick of em
Pushing me towards to the edge
Don’t push me off

[Yung Trybez]
I can hardly recall the last time I smiled
I’m dying inside and I’m over denial
I’m a dead man walking but man, I tried
what else is left but suicide?

[Young D]
Look at me man, i’m right by your side
all of this pain here will subside
What do you need, I’m here to provide
I need you here, I don’t want you to die

[Yung Trybez]
Listen up brother, I feel your love
this ain't my pain, its the pain in my blood
That was dealt to my people from Genocide days
I can’t go on surviving this way

[Young D]
Yes you can, just give me your hand
I’ll feel your tribulations
I’m doing my best to understand
your problems and frustrations

[Yung Trybez]
You’re doing your best, I get it
i’m beyond repair, forget it

[Young D]
Naw, life’ll get the best of you if you let it

[Yung Trybez]
Fuck you know about of a life of resentment?


[Young D]
I’m with you man
so tell me why you’ve been feeling like this
I’m concerned about you
I don’t want you to feel this loneliness

[Yung Trybez]
I’m sick of your lies and your phoniness
this ain’t the truth, and you know it!
If I end it all I won’t be missed, tell me who would really notice?
I guess the banks be missing me,
cuz I’ve been struggling financially
but fuck it man I’d rather be free
cuz I just caught my girl cheating on me!
Haven’t seen my boys in a minute
she acting like they up in our business
Been in it so long I’m over my limit
I’m sick of these games, I’m finished!

[Young D]
Look, don’t stress about that currency
fuck that bitch, there’s more fish in the sea
But I never knew, and I apologize
you’re my minay, I value your life


[Yung Trybez]
Slow ya roll, there’s something I gotta get off of my chest
before I go, there’s something here I need to confess
I lost my soul, into my mind theres nothing left
my thoughts haven’t always consisted of death
it gets harder and harder to catch my breath
Cuz lately man, I’m overwhelmed with shadows and darkness
and voices yelling “A bullet is harmless"
I’ve lost my mind, did I take my meds?
I’m on the edge, get em out of my head
they said “Step off the ledge.."

[Young D]
Dawg, I’m speechless...
I’m on pins and needles I’m feeling your weakness
You’re stronger than me,
we soar like eagles that swim out of deepest end
Then we gon weather the storm
And come out of this stronger than ever before
Your battle with voices sounds like a War
but remember the side that you’re fighting for

[Yung Trybez]
When you tell me to fight, you mean for my life?
you don’t know shit, just forget aight?
I know who the fuck I’ve been fighting for
I ain’t stupid man, I’m just ready to go
You’re living your life, I’m living in hell
what do you know about the things that I felt?
What do you know about a gun in your mouth?
what do you know about killing yourself?!
I ain’t calling you out, I’m calling for help
but how can you help me help myself?

[Young D]



from Snotty Nose Rez Kids, released January 28, 2017



all rights reserved


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