Skoden (ft. Beau Dick) [Prod. By Flashbeats]

from by Snotty Nose Rez Kids



[Intro: Yung Trybez]
Picture me rollin, bitch I go Skoden (x3)
Picture me rollin,

[Verse 1: Yung Trybez]
Big chiefs in the building homie pipe down
middle fingers up from my hometown
From underground Chiefs to the Braves to the Briefs
Look who got my back when it goes down
On the outside, I'm meta-world peace
I'm The malice in the palace, inside I'm a beast
Put a fist in the sky for the Sioux Tribe
Middle fingers up to the pipelines
Shout out to my red skinned blood hounds
Holdin' down for the red camp right now
My people getting mauled getting put on by the dogs
And we're still being cuffed like outlaws
Resurrecting the indigenous, Black snake killas'
We got every other village out here fighting like guerrillas
And were here to take the power from depletist ego maniacs
our voice is a weapon and its powerful
And I'm spittin' ammunition - Rambo
coming out the shadow, no camo
No Tar Heels here, no more land to steal
Don't fuck with me, I got Hansbrough
For standing rock I stand,
Lelu's voice I Am
We deploy the braves 'fore ya destroy the land
'Bout to take it all back, we them village boys - let's go

[Hook: Young D & Yung Trybez]
Still we all gon rise, they don’t enjoy us
we on that ride or die, cuz we warriors
and that’s word to the wise, fuck 'em vultures
we stay loyal to the soil, ya’ll can’t beat us so its join us

[Verse 2: Young D]
Ever since i was a little K-I-D, I’ve been feeling like my D-A-D
every time he’s around the RCMP, man I'm ready to fight cuz its we not me
Man I guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree when a goomswa abuse their authority
I’m a Snow Goon
man I bring the D like Richard Sherman and the L-O-B, BOOM!
Wanna talk about the who’s who? You ain’t got a blues clue
we don’t fit the same shoes, ok, old news
The land is all we got and we refuse to lose
so we finna go SKODEN... Jordin TooToo
Talk about BUFU, "By Us, Fuck You"
we stand with Standing Rock and the Lelu
Middle fingers to the sky like the boys in Haida Gwaii
we gon start a picket line and we’ll be Saints if we die, (that’s so true)
Cypress Hill, homie lets be real, ok here’s the deal
My shit ain’t never stank if you thank that a tank ain’t never gonna spill...
Get the message that I sen-dog?
it ain’t really that hard to comprehend dog
I’m screaming FUCK YOU till my skin turn blue
like Sonic The Hedgehog


[Beau Dick speech]
When we broke our coppers at the legislature building and the parliament building here in Canada, we broke a spell of false dominance and control. The true custodians of mother earth. We the tribal people have standing, and it is up to the people to uphold justice. That means that law enforcement and the military first responsibility is to protect the tribal people of this land. And we want to remind you American and Canadian citizens, that you are still our guests here and we are still your hosts.


from Snotty Nose Rez Kids, released January 28, 2017



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