SNRK (ft. Nyomi Wahai) [Prod. By Heartbeatz]

from by Snotty Nose Rez Kids



Yo D! (what up doe?)
Pass me a tissue

[Verse 1: Yung Trybez]
I wish that I could go back through time and space to the land
to where no one gave a damn about the snot on my face
Where all the snotty nosed rez kids you found at the bay
couldn't even be phased of what you thought of their ways
Cuz you know we feeling numbness when we're swimming in the Douglas
when the sun hit the sky, without a doubt we raised a ruckess
Butt naked out in public, but you know we don't care
we never cared about the tides, if its hot out, they're there
You can catch me on the beach, wet feet in my socks
or with wieners in my tackle box, fishing off the dock
And good God, I used to dread reeling in them bullheads
I'd pretend that they were sharks and I'd never told my friends
Cuz my imagination got me bullied by them older fellas
my mama told me they were jealous
You couldn't shoot my confidence, its bullet proof man
and I got mama to thank man, she made me who I am

We them snotty nose rez kids hey
out to play that's everyday
And everybody here knows my name
oh, some things just never change
We be up to some no good things
back and forth like we're on the swings
Handing that playground biz
we them snotty nose rez kids

[Verse 2: Trybez]
I've been running around the rez, snot dripping off my nose
in an old pair of kicks and some hand-me-down clothes
And even back then I never had a lot of friends
until the kids around the rez would play Cowboys and Indians
They all wanted to be Cowboys....
but I'm a native and I'm proud of it
Me and all my cousins facing everyday struggles
like I told this girl I liked her and she kicked me in my stomach
I get it, she was raised around her brother
and the only thing tougher than her brother was their mother
I was only seven, I learned a valuable lesson
mama'o told me that these girls could be my cousins
I said "I wasn't doing none, I got a village to run"
cuz mama'o's favourite grandson ran with them village kids
Until my mama heard that my cousin stole her cigarettes
I think my brother told her man, he such a stupid idiot
"You need to calm down mom, I swear it wasn't me..."
*Kid getting beat*
She beat my ass dumb
but I can take it, I was young
I was raised by my rez man, you know where I'm from
and when the snot hits my lip, I still lick it with my tongue cuz


[Verse 3: Young D]
Lets take it back to when all my minays were here
when you switched from snugs to boxers for your underwear
Out and about until the night sky was crystal clear
can't wake up the mamabear, so we creeping up the stairs
Hella scared, cuz she gotta get up and grind early
sneaking around the house with the homies just to cook perogies
With peach fuzz above my lip and my hair curly
my only worry was to get my shy ass to talk to girlies
Slowly but surely man, that’s where it all began
I ain’t even have a celly then, thank God for MSN
All I needed was some dial-up connection
a little bit before I thought about getting it in,
A year later is where it all starts and marks
the time where cats would spark the ganja green or puff darts
Have puppy love or break hearts and sometimes weren’t really that smart
like after dark sipping on mama’s stash while walking through the park
To the last high school dance, with all the fams
Got my KanYeezy Steez with polo tees and baggy pants
Had a plan for this one last chance,
to get a summer romance and saved it for the last dance
I was surprised that it worked, you can tell from the smirk
that I had up on my face, that I was happy with my choice
Friday night delight, feeling good and right
I got home and couldn’t wait to tell the boys
Still I kept it on the low, cuz mama don’t need to know
that her baby boy was looking for some love just yet
How can I never forget when she found out, I bet it was
because I came home with some hickies on my neck, damn
Scared straight, uh, stayed out late, but
its the price I’ll pay, cuz, it felt great
Mama gon kill me, but in the back of my head
I know damn well I’ma do it all over again cuz



from Snotty Nose Rez Kids, released January 28, 2017



all rights reserved


Snotty Nose Rez Kids Vancouver, British Columbia

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