The Resistance (ft. Drezus) [Prod. By Chuki Beats]

from by Snotty Nose Rez Kids



[Intro: Yung Trybez]
To my natives tryna' find a way (x3)

[Verse 1: Yung Trybez]
To my natives tryna' find a way
but instead they getting pepper sprayed
Locked up behind these bars
Hundred thousand dollar bonds, tell me how do we respond?
We stand strong and we carry on
I stand tall and I salute you all
But when you can't afford freedom, what the hell you fighting for?
we're fighting for this water so I guess my life's the price of war
Are they gangsters or military?
crooked cops with choppers ready to pop, Dirty Harry
Cuz our buried ancestors are being fucked with
tell me who to trust when they're digging up our cemeteries
That's just how they treat indigenous
breaking laws and treaties and they spin it like they innocent
If we the same species, why the hell we treated different?
why'd you all turn your backs on our murdered and our missin'
On the highway of tears, mother earth is weeping
I'm a man tryna' understand the cries of a woman
Man they're both life givers that can't be resurrected
we gotta put it on our men cuz our men are the protectors
And we flipped the flag around
I ain't proud of my country, you can burn it to the ground
Here's a nation in distress
but its hard to pretend like we ain't used to this yet

[Hook: Drezus, Yung Trybez & Young D]
Can the real warriors stand up?
while the feds call for back up
(Our women took the lead can the real men man up?
our people come in peace don't shoot I got my hands up)
Pure indigenous resistance
this is how to fight the system
(With the patience and persistence and the world as our witness
and a fist to the sky for the indigenous resistance)

[Verse 2: Drezus]
I heard a pain in the war cry
speaking tongue to the moon, yeah, true will get ya die
Breast plate covers up a broken heart,
from the very same folks who said they got it from the start
She don't trust nobody
memories are preached, throwing babies in the oven
Shower with the nuns 'fore she had to cook 'em supper
taking all her clothes off, cut the braids off her
Systematic with the madness
gives 'em false sense of status
But that don't mean shit
cuz when your ass die, what you gonna leave with?
Let my spirit fly, brave like the Iroquois
deep like the Plains Creek, nope, we ain't fearing none
Put your little red fists up,
tell the man you ain't fuckin' with our sisters


[Verse 3: Young D]
Take a look at how the cards were dealt
can’t nobody feel the pain we felt
I hope that history don’t repeat itself
generations that were taught to hate themselves
“Give us the land that you don’t want..” that happen to ring a bell?
the way we’re standing up, we got em biting nails
Our land is sacred but they’re biased to making sales
so they’re like "wait, let's take it back so we can increase our wealth"
Who’s the real indian giver? history books are bullshitters
like ya’ll taught us thanksgiving dinner...I beg to differ
They called us savages, when they were the real killers
and gave us liquor to kill us quicker, as far as I remember
That residential fucked our mental, that shit’ll haunt ya
while they fucked our sons, fucked our daughters, fucked our land, fucked our waters
Understand we never faltered as they tried to kill a culture
then be so quick to leave us like Ted Mosby at the alter
And say “Get over it” like its irrelevant
we never die, we multiply and this our revenant
What up? we’ve been oppressed since the day before for fuckin' ever
Huh? so why the hell you think we stand together?!
Peaceful protectors shot and thrown in jail is what I’m seeing
by disrespectful and neglectful human beings
So its us against the world now, i’m dead serious
Cuz the only time they rooted for the indians was the World Series



from Snotty Nose Rez Kids, released January 28, 2017



all rights reserved


Snotty Nose Rez Kids Vancouver, British Columbia

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