Clash Of The Clans [Prod. By Curtiss King Beats]

from by Snotty Nose Rez Kids



[Young D]
Minay tees when step up in the building
know we keep it chugging from the city to the villy
Dawg I be ready, call it thrilly in manilly
homie let’s get down for the crown so we can see really whats up

[Yung Trybez]
What up? i’m minay to a tee
i die for my team na mean, yeah
like a needle to a fiend,
i use the pen to chase a dream
and these haters still try to intervene

[Young D]
We kick it like Draymond Green
Bruce Sprinsteen, boy I’m tougher than the rest
all about making cream but I’m far from the pest

[Yung Trybez]
I take a shot without a vest
and I speak in native tongue like A Tribe Called Quest
Take a look at my crew, they all brown as shit
we the beavers, eagles, ravens, and the black fish
we about to get stupid, the minays about to lose it

[Young D]
and you know we just do it like the nike swish

[Hook: Young D & Yung Trybez]
Yo, fellas bring ya hands to the flo
beat it with a purpose like a drum circle
Ladies, show em what cha mama gave ya
we just came to party cuz we naughty by our nature
Aye, this the clash of the clans
keep it to the flo if you know how to dance
Keep your hands in the form when you’re down in the stance
who ya best man? this the clash of the clans

[Yung Trybez]
I never try hard, i’ma die hard
we the suicide squad this about to get bizarre
And the beats in my bones, got me feeling kinda odd
I’m the god of my clan, where’s my round of applause?

[Young D]
Man hell naw! a youngin be eccentric,
squad is a mix of the vanilla and the nesquik boys
I’m talking about the type that don’t know when to quit shit
its too lit, we throw it up like too much liquor hit

[Yung Trybez]
And I ain’t about to choke, I’m good under pressure
devils club around my neck but the rope is leather

[Young D]
And it don’t get no better, I ain't rock 2 chains

[Yung Trybez]
Hell naw cousin, I’d rather rock two braids
black braid down my back
with a crest on my vest and a feather to my chest
man it represents my brother but I’d rather have my brother back

[Young D]
Murdered and the missing,

[Yung Trybez]
Boy tell me where my sisters at?

[Young D]
Whats up with the injustice?

[Yung Trybez]
I never understood that

[Young D]
Whats up with our resilience?

[Yung Trybez]
that’s what we never lack

[Young D]
Homie why so serious?

[Yung Trybez]
its a warrior thing man

[Young D]
We misunderstood indians

[Yung Trybez]
Thats why we do our dance!

[Young D]
Welcome to the Pow Wow where we never bow down
singing loud and proud like our ancestors now

[Yung Trybez]
Thats the sound of predecessors talking over the suppressors

[Young D]
Man holla if you hear us!

[Yung Trybez]
My pleasure, aye
Now here’s where it all began,
raven stole the sun, what’s the big bang?
Thats my cousin fam, I’m a beaver but DAMN
he a sly little bugger, is he really a friend?

Mama, there go that man
that hales off the land from the killer whale clan
That’s why I dip and close my hands every time I dance
while them eagle boys spread they wings when we jam

[Yung Trybez]
Where my wolves at? are we getting down tonight?
can I run with the pack? I think I just might

[Young D]
And we dancing with the wolves

[Yung Trybez]
For the strength of the pack is the wolf
and the strength of the wolf is the pack

[Young D]
Nocturnal lifestyle, that’s word to my owls
lurking on the dark side while the wolves howl

[Yung Trybez]
Can I get a bear witness, while I'm on my grizzly

[Young D]
it ain’t over till I finish

[Yung Trybez]
We about to get busy

[Young D]
Is you with me? lets get it jumping like a frog do

[Yung Trybez]
Is what my people say when they can dance, sing and drum too

[Young D]
I love it! reppin where I’m from dude

[Yung Trybez]
We don’t do it cuz we have to, we do it cuz we want to!
and when we compete

[Young D]
know its all love here

[Yung Trybez]
where the land ain't free

[Young D] this a family affair

[Yung Trybez] The big chief about to speak

[Young D] Everybody’s all ears

[Yung Trybez]
Rise up to your feet

[Young D] and bow your head for the prayer




from Snotty Nose Rez Kids, released January 28, 2017



all rights reserved


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