Snotty Nose Rez Kids

by Snotty Nose Rez Kids

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Yawc (Skit) 00:26
[Intro] Trybez: Yo D! (what up doe?) Pass me a tissue [Verse 1: Yung Trybez] I wish that I could go back through time and space to the land to where no one gave a damn about the snot on my face Where all the snotty nosed rez kids you found at the bay couldn't even be phased of what you thought of their ways Cuz you know we feeling numbness when we're swimming in the Douglas when the sun hit the sky, without a doubt we raised a ruckess Butt naked out in public, but you know we don't care we never cared about the tides, if its hot out, they're there You can catch me on the beach, wet feet in my socks or with wieners in my tackle box, fishing off the dock And good God, I used to dread reeling in them bullheads I'd pretend that they were sharks and I'd never told my friends Cuz my imagination got me bullied by them older fellas my mama told me they were jealous You couldn't shoot my confidence, its bullet proof man and I got mama to thank man, she made me who I am [Hook] We them snotty nose rez kids hey out to play that's everyday And everybody here knows my name oh, some things just never change We be up to some no good things back and forth like we're on the swings Handing that playground biz we them snotty nose rez kids [Verse 2: Trybez] I've been running around the rez, snot dripping off my nose in an old pair of kicks and some hand-me-down clothes And even back then I never had a lot of friends until the kids around the rez would play Cowboys and Indians They all wanted to be Cowboys.... but I'm a native and I'm proud of it Me and all my cousins facing everyday struggles like I told this girl I liked her and she kicked me in my stomach I get it, she was raised around her brother and the only thing tougher than her brother was their mother I was only seven, I learned a valuable lesson mama'o told me that these girls could be my cousins I said "I wasn't doing none, I got a village to run" cuz mama'o's favourite grandson ran with them village kids Until my mama heard that my cousin stole her cigarettes I think my brother told her man, he such a stupid idiot "You need to calm down mom, I swear it wasn't me..." *Kid getting beat* She beat my ass dumb but I can take it, I was young I was raised by my rez man, you know where I'm from and when the snot hits my lip, I still lick it with my tongue cuz [Hook] [Verse 3: Young D] Lets take it back to when all my minays were here when you switched from snugs to boxers for your underwear Out and about until the night sky was crystal clear can't wake up the mamabear, so we creeping up the stairs Hella scared, cuz she gotta get up and grind early sneaking around the house with the homies just to cook perogies With peach fuzz above my lip and my hair curly my only worry was to get my shy ass to talk to girlies Slowly but surely man, that’s where it all began I ain’t even have a celly then, thank God for MSN All I needed was some dial-up connection a little bit before I thought about getting it in, A year later is where it all starts and marks the time where cats would spark the ganja green or puff darts Have puppy love or break hearts and sometimes weren’t really that smart like after dark sipping on mama’s stash while walking through the park To the last high school dance, with all the fams Got my KanYeezy Steez with polo tees and baggy pants Had a plan for this one last chance, to get a summer romance and saved it for the last dance I was surprised that it worked, you can tell from the smirk that I had up on my face, that I was happy with my choice Friday night delight, feeling good and right I got home and couldn’t wait to tell the boys Still I kept it on the low, cuz mama don’t need to know that her baby boy was looking for some love just yet How can I never forget when she found out, I bet it was because I came home with some hickies on my neck, damn Scared straight, uh, stayed out late, but its the price I’ll pay, cuz, it felt great Mama gon kill me, but in the back of my head I know damn well I’ma do it all over again cuz [Hook]
[Verse 1: Young D] Living on a budget, I can’t pay the price tell me what’s gourmet? it must be something nice Yeah, but I still dream about that paradise all while I’m eating a bowl of that fish and rice With some ice tea in my cup, its been my go-to since a little pup but now I’ve grown up and the bills are building up And for this last damn month man that’s been my breakfast and my dinner and my fuckin lunch Broke and feeling starved, that combination’s deadly these times are getting hard for a youngin in his twenties I’m counting pennies like Sheldon knocking for Penny which isn’t many, so, if anything this next week is looking Ugly Betty Uh-oh, that can is starting to run l-ow my stash better have m-o, i fuckin hope s-o And if not I’ll lose my shit and finna go lo-co hoof, luckily I have one more tho [Hook: Young D & Yung Trybez] Cuz I’m just a youngin that’s hopin that this ain’t the last can that I open and its the only thing keeping me going cuz now my pockets ain’t really that swollen And the man up above only knows why that right now there’s some things that I can’t buy So I can’t complain if it help me get by (what’s that? what’s that?) Canned fish and rice, heyy [Verse 2: Yung Trybez] Yo, picture this...and put yourself in this position you're a snotty kids granny frying fish in the kitchen You would cook, clean, bake a cake and even wipe his ass but he all wanted was some chicken, so he spit it in the trash But we were only children she's an angel up above and I don't how she did it She put up with all his bullshit, I would of killed the kid I guess I'll admit, that was me but now I'm different Cuz nowadays, I like prawns dipped in garlic butter crab legs, fish eggs, I've even eaten seal blubber but man I really miss my mama'o yelling "Supper time!" to find a can of fish that we jarred in the summer (Man, what else you got for me?) We got deloss in the smokehouse a jar of ooly grease and some salt to over coat it Drank shakes that made me quake with some fries that crossed my eyes but have you ever tried a bag of eulachons with mustard on the side? I'm on the toilet and I'm screaming Pepto Bismal, I'm feinding Still the bomb tho, Hiroshima that aquafina salmon that runs up the Skeena And when it falls like confetti, when your bank account is empty and you can't afford spaghetti How you supposed to buy the grub you need to fill up your belly? let me tell you cousin, its in a can and its ready Crack it open, heat it up and mix them all together you know fish and chips? aight, but canned fish and rice is better With a can of fish and soya sauce, and a pickle for the side just add a cup of water and a half cup of rice Its my way of life, my papa set me right man, my mama taught me well and I got grandma to thank Man, I'm down to pocket change but my mama says I'm rich cuz there's nothing in my bank but my freezers full of fish [Hook] [Verse 3: Young D] I’m Starvin Marvin…I can’t focus thought I’d be rich by now still the brokest that pay day disappeared quick, hocus pocus so the landlord sent me an eviction notice, damn My fridge is far from being full and no I ain’t being irrational All I got left is non-perishable and there’s no more than a handful Yeah, but les-be honest like two girls in bed I’d rather eat out but I ain’t got no money left So instead, I’m fed from that meat below the fish head I got an indian taco boy, the power of the Fry bread The struggle real and nothing less... too bad I can’t cash reality checks…. I push it to the max like a credit card in debt this what I get for going for broke man, a fuckin wreck [Hook]
Indian Car [Verse] This remind meeee of my first whip ’93 Honda Civic kid I be, rollin 5 deep, windows down a bit we just a bunch of snotty nosed rez kids mayne Cuz how far we go back? red light, green light got a youngin almost running out of gas mayne, but we gon be alright drive slow homie, life moves fast, don’t wanna see them flashing lights even when the car looking like trash, we be like “hell yeah that’s my ride" Gotta keep it Andre 3 Stacks to the max got the dj in the front and the rest in the back kicking back while the speakers on blast, uh Hot box it up (whaaat), my boy will pass it up don’t want my boys to gas me up, if they do then I want that shit free on tax, uh In the fast lane on the highway, late night with the pedal to the medal Ain’t even thinking about a ticket, just to be safe, let’s let the smoke settle We got them beats all banging switching lanes we swangin and I don’t see that ever changing mayne hell naw, cuz we [Hook: Yung Trybez] Cruisin ‘round, windows down music loud now Rolling with them boys, we the type your mama told you about We’ll go that extra mile since we was juveniles That youngin lifestyle homie we gon be awhile Hit the spot after dark, put it in park let us spark, paper extra large we be on our way to Mars In my Indian Car we just a bunch of snotty kids from the rez [verse 2] Ain’t got no Cadillac, my rims ain’t D’s homie call it my Hondallac, we still burn CD’s homie But its getting me, from A to B I need change or something cuz my tank is on E mayne No jokin cousin no candy paint, iits a little rusted I’m sweating bullets, my A/C busted, can’t speed uphill, I wouldn’t trust it even if you crush it, but i still love it cuz at days end that shit better than nothin Would rather have that and let my tank run out than stand down the road with my thumb all out, no doubt That’s small town bullshit, ain’t got shit to do with no where to go Riding dirty, gotta avoid the po so we hit the back roads Drive it like a 4 by 4 bounce with no hydraulics tho Hear the branches scape against the windows but fuck if I care, this car is so damn old man For real….We park down by the ocean to spark that loud and get roasted Just to talk about life and embrace the moment So if I drive or sit in the passenger I’m always down to pass to ya Talk bullshit and laugh with ya Cuz I ain’t never mad atcha when we [hook] [outro: Speech] Just a bunch of younins out here man, who ain’t got no care in the world Sometimes I feel like pullin up and tellin my homies to get in, and lets leave the town that’s so rural Cuz we been there and done all that shit know this small town shit can be a little cruel my tank is ready to go, let’s get this show on the road and make our own rules family, you know? And that’s how it go when you’re a youngin from the 250 in particular, the People Of The Snow since the day I turned 16 years….no joke Man, those were the days That’s how it was for real. In my indian car
[Intro] You know what they say right? an indian ain’t an indian without his flow So if one more motherfucker come up to me and tell me to get my hair cut you know what I’ma say? Long hair, don’t care [Verse 1: Yung Trybez] When I got my first cut I was about three I remember that shit like I was 13 Hair messing up the place, tears dripping down my face pissed off at my pops like “How could you betray me?” Aye, but I never let it phase me I never knew it then that my hair is what'll make me said "Long hair on a man looks lazy" he couldn't understand that it represented bravery I never knew it then but I do now I stand out in the crowd cuz my skin brown Now I keep my hair down and I whip it all around like its part of my regalia, flowing at a pow wow Long hair, don't care, I say it proudly long hair, don't care, man I say it loudly We the first of the nation with beauty all around us long black hair, boy tell me how you found us (Man, tell me a little something about your hair my cousin, GO!) The thing about my hair is that I grow it cuz I love it and I'm sick of hearing people asking when I'm gonna cut it You're a native undercover like the indian in the cupboard and I'm Johnny Redcorn, I'm a bad muhfucka, AHH (He's a bad muhfucker, AH) And that's been me, ever since birth fuck what you heard, I've been called worse Long hair, don't care, man I'm sick of your opinions I'ma do me, I'm a motherfuckin indian [Hook: Young D] Long hair, long hair (AYYE) don’t care, don’t care (AYE) If ain’t nobody liking what we doing what we tell em man? Shit, long hair don’t care (AYE) Long hair, long hair (AYE) don’t care, don’t care (AYE) If you feel a type of way about Minay what we say? Long hair, don’t care (AYE) [Verse 2: Yung Trybez] When you see me on the street, I notice how you look at me its like I'm walking into Tiffany's You can tell yourself you don't see my ethnicity but your eyes say it differently That's how its been and this is how it will be this ain't no epiphany Even I'm sick of me, the vanity is killing me this bullshit is getting to my head, no diggity Something's gotta give, but what's new? is the brown skin, black flow or tattoos? Or the fact that I'm in public sipping on a brew? someone tell me what's the difference between me and you? I ain't got a clue but I flex on them haters like bamboo I've been called a dirty chug but it ain't true long hair, don't care, no shampoo I'm a rapper getting fatter with a mind like skitter scatter and I'm climbing up the ladder talking about what really matters I got people coming up like "Good God... get your hair cut and get a real job" I'm a redskin, new outlaws I don't rock a gold chain, I rock a bear claw I don't keep my hair long cuz I don't care its long cuz I'm an indian...go ahead and stare. [Hook x2: Young D] Long hair, long hair (AYYYEE) don’t care, don’t care (AYYYEE) If ain’t nobody liking what we doing what we tell em man? Shit, long hair don’t care (AYYYEE) Long hair, long hair (AYYYEE) don’t care, don’t care (AYYYEE) If you feel a type of way about Minay what we say? Long hair, don’t care (AYYYEE)
[Verse 1: Yung Trybez] Johnny's teeth, Johnny's teeth they took all the land and they want it for free We barely eating or having a feast its my turn to speak, I'm unleashing the beast I'm the man of the hour, the mic give me power they shutting us down, I'm coming back louder I'm sick of your lies you fucking coward you wanna talk about power? lets talk about ours We voted you in and we made you the man this ain't a brand, its indian land Take a look at who you represent and fuck your corporate presidents Give up the Prime, you're a Minister as a matter of fact, you're a visitor I'm known to snap and over react we've been fucked from the back like prisoners He's driven by greed lock your door, get rid of your keys Hide your kids, get off the grid Johnny's home and he's trying to get in He's settled in, he's living off credit you think we don't know? man, we get it Johnny boy I see you, walking out the dentist Johnny's Grills, Johnny's grills they made of gold, no stainless steel With a house in the hills like Uncle Phil while we stuck in the rez, so No Frills Can't afford the bills, that's too real stick a knife in your back and thats how it feels Life's too short for cheap thrills he the man in the suit and he's dressed to kill He's out for blood, Dracula black blood, they extracting it I'm talking about the blood from our neighbours man you ruined our land with black sand Look at our land man you hurt it enough you're killing our people, you're fucking em up Oil money ain't distracting us I'm done with you throwing that cash at us No Pipeline, NO PROBLEMS No Tankers, NO PROBLEMS FUCK ENDBRIDGE, FUCK KINDER MORGAN No means no, you know the motto Pipe through our land? man you wish a little bit of paper ain't worth the risk All I need is clean water and fish no means no, what the fuck did you miss? Our rivers are this nations veins if the pipeline ever come our way I pray to God that they never break cuz then the real savages come out and play [Hook: Yung Trybez] Johnny's teeth, Johnny's teeth they took all the land and they want it for free They took all the land and they want it for free they took all the land and they want it for free So take a bow for Pete sake are they crooked? are they straight? For all we know there's nothing there goodness grief, look at Johnny's Teeth! Johnny's teeth, Johnny's teeth they took all the land and they want it for free They took all the land and they want it for free they took all the land and they want it for free So take a bow for Pete sake we know the drill you fucking snake Like your grill, we know you're fake goodness grief, look at Johnny's teeth! [Post-hook: Young D] Johnny, Johnny, Johnny's teeth No justice, no peace Johnny, Johnny, Johnny's teeth No justice, no peace [Verse 2: Young D] Idle No More, this for the fam that came before us What is freedom? I don’t know no more what's equality? they always ignore us Government don’t give a fuck about us they keep us at the bottom of the mud They took our land and tell us to be happy with the piece of land that gave us? Shit, we’re all equal, we bleed the same freedom was before columbus came And I ain’t tryna play the blame game but try tell lies to my ancestors thats in my veins Women lie, men lie about the lives that quickly died from every tribe But we still survived, you can never take my pride cuz I reside from the side that suffered from genocide Idle no more, we’re bullet proof, if you want the truth, come see the source Can’t drink tap water, cuz the man wanna see how much oil he can export Tried to make another treaty just to get his foot in the door With fake apologies, believe me! I stand with Idle No More The trees, the water and land, all of the beings that need our abilities To stop the machines that’s trying leave marks on our beautiful Queen, Mother Earth They abuse her like they did to us, what good is it worth? but here we stand to fight for our land, for better or worse 'Til we’re the last motherfuckers breathing man we been surviving every season And best believe that we ain’t never leaving they call us first nations for a reason! Youngin
[Yung Tybez] I pull that barrel up to my temple, I wipe away my tears I’m looking into my mirror, myself is what I fear Cuz I hate myself today, I’m drowning in my sorrows you want the honest truth, I’d rather die than face tomorrow Cuz without the pills I can’t sleep my thoughts are heavy, my mind’s weak My cheeks are raw, my pillows wet my sheets are soaked from these cold sweats I gotta know, is life really worth it? What did I do for me to deserve it? I’ll end it all, I PROMISE! there’s gotta be more man, what is my purpose? [Young D] Listen man, life is so full of these peaks and valleys but don’t let them valleys turn into canyons Ain’t gotta do it alone, look man you got family if you’re taking that step you’ll have instant regret as soon as it happens [Hook: Nyomi Wahai] All the voices in my head I’m so sick of em Pushing me towards to the edge Don’t push me off [Yung Trybez] I can hardly recall the last time I smiled I’m dying inside and I’m over denial I’m a dead man walking but man, I tried what else is left but suicide? [Young D] Look at me man, i’m right by your side all of this pain here will subside What do you need, I’m here to provide I need you here, I don’t want you to die [Yung Trybez] Listen up brother, I feel your love this ain't my pain, its the pain in my blood That was dealt to my people from Genocide days I can’t go on surviving this way [Young D] Yes you can, just give me your hand I’ll feel your tribulations I’m doing my best to understand your problems and frustrations [Yung Trybez] You’re doing your best, I get it i’m beyond repair, forget it [Young D] Naw, life’ll get the best of you if you let it [Yung Trybez] Fuck you know about of a life of resentment? [Hook] [Young D] I’m with you man so tell me why you’ve been feeling like this I’m concerned about you I don’t want you to feel this loneliness [Yung Trybez] I’m sick of your lies and your phoniness this ain’t the truth, and you know it! If I end it all I won’t be missed, tell me who would really notice? I guess the banks be missing me, cuz I’ve been struggling financially but fuck it man I’d rather be free cuz I just caught my girl cheating on me! Haven’t seen my boys in a minute she acting like they up in our business Been in it so long I’m over my limit I’m sick of these games, I’m finished! [Young D] Look, don’t stress about that currency fuck that bitch, there’s more fish in the sea But I never knew, and I apologize you’re my minay, I value your life [Hook] [Yung Trybez] Slow ya roll, there’s something I gotta get off of my chest before I go, there’s something here I need to confess I lost my soul, into my mind theres nothing left my thoughts haven’t always consisted of death it gets harder and harder to catch my breath Cuz lately man, I’m overwhelmed with shadows and darkness and voices yelling “A bullet is harmless" I’ve lost my mind, did I take my meds? I’m on the edge, get em out of my head they said “Step off the ledge.." [Young D] Dawg, I’m speechless... I’m on pins and needles I’m feeling your weakness You’re stronger than me, we soar like eagles that swim out of deepest end Then we gon weather the storm And come out of this stronger than ever before Your battle with voices sounds like a War but remember the side that you’re fighting for [Yung Trybez] When you tell me to fight, you mean for my life? you don’t know shit, just forget aight? I know who the fuck I’ve been fighting for I ain’t stupid man, I’m just ready to go You’re living your life, I’m living in hell what do you know about the things that I felt? What do you know about a gun in your mouth? what do you know about killing yourself?! I ain’t calling you out, I’m calling for help but how can you help me help myself? [Young D] Damn…. [Hook]
[Verse 1: Yung Trybez] I got black blood flowing through my veins my brain is covered in blood stains Blood dripping off my finger tips and I’m moving on but can’t catch a grip I remember that night like it was yesterday when that phone rang, my life changed And now I’m here with these growing pains that might go away but not today We were turning up in Vancity and I had all my fam with me draped up, we were looking pretty, we were poppin bottles and puffin Nikki Reminiscing about a night like this man how was I to know it would turn to shit? From city lights to bates quick with that phone call that I can’t forget It was ten o’clock sharp when I got the call and my mind was numb from alcohol With stress in her voice, here’s what she confessed my brain was numb but my heart was a mess She said “Listen up, its about your Minay” what the hell you mean? what you trying to say? She choked up but I can hear the pain “He’s gone….he passed away.” Damn, now thats hard to take and it only took a second for my heart to break I’m in disbelief, man you must be mistaken this can’t be the truth, get your facts straight And I’m screaming out “Don’t do this” I’ve never felt so useless So I checked my phone for proof first but God damn, that truth hurts! [Hook] How could you do this I’m feeling so hopeless how could you do this to us I miss you so so much The black blood was pouring off you now we’re stuck here suffering without you I can’t stop thinking about you black blood, black blood [Verse 2: Yung Trybez] As I hang my thoughts on a broken heart I packed my bags and I called the cab I was going through our texts that I kept on my phone on the plane ride home, man I felt alone I was with the boys that always had my back but the jitters in my bones made it hard to relax And when I seen my pops, I felt the pain his black blood flowed through my veins Look around minay, its a beautiful day man i seen your face in a cloud today The sky is grey, but its okay bad weather couldn’t kill me, I just soak it up and say From flood to drought, man I’m here to play the days out we’ve all been done dirty and its hard to get the stains out It took away your life and I know you can’t explain but we all felt the pain when Cobain blew his brains out Now we take to the road, no passing out these are type of memories I can live without Another day with the fam to pick a casket out and ah, I blacked out, cuz the next thing I know we’re pulling up to my house with a line up of trucks to the people in the front for my brother in the back to pull his casket out Take a look around the room man, what do you see? the whole family’s here and we can all agree That the room feels empty without ya and I still can’t believe that you had to leave But when everybody left, I spent the night just to keep you safe and think about life Looking to the sky for advice don’t cry big brother, we’ll be aight But yo, it was a tough couple days at the house got me thinking of an easy way out, me and the minays had to bounce We grabbed the shovels, went on our way made our way to the grave where we let you lay I’m a Brave like you with a shovel in hand digging six feet deep to make you one with the land, God damn! Still hurts to say my tears hit the sand as I’m trying to pray And I can’t get the blade through the boulder have you ever dug a grave in October? Man, when the ground is frozen and your heart is broken and I know that my pops can’t breathe But he kept telling me “You’re free now” as we both crashed down to our knees But I dig deep, you told me that I’ll dig a thousand graves to take this one back Or else would do it but beloved ones and your baby girls here, you’d be proud of that And I know, till the day they die their hearts will be bleeding for ya I said it before, they warriors and I know they’ll sing this for ya And that takes me back to your funeral I shed some tears for the sky world I see pain in the soul of your baby girl but how can pain be so beautiful? And that shows our connection was special that’s why the creator recruited you And it ain’t fair, so we share our prayers don’t cry minay, you’ll be home soon And I hold it down, I got you spread love to all our baba’o’s Cuz we dumped some beers and we burned some weed and we kept a couple things that you want us to keep And if nothing else, this is quality time with a crack in the sky for the sun to shine Man I love you bruh, and I see now you ain’t dead to me, you’re free now [Hook] [Verse 3: Young D] Lately I’ve been thinking about my homie that passed on the verge of going insane, hoping I can numb the pain at the bottom of the shot glass Can’t seem to let go of the past, I was young and naive thinking this would last forever, cuz he was gone in a flash, man plans and God laughs That was the coldest night in October, I ever felt take place the man took his own life wrapped with a rope, had a lump in my throat that left a bad taste, Tried saving grace as dirt poured on the grave, his baby girls had tears running down their face, and his baby mama crying in my arms, I was only 21, what the hell am I supposed to say? Man, I was pissed off, that you went out that way but at the end of the day…I miss you more than anything I remember when we talked about a girl that did the same thing and let herself hang that was the baby sis of my minay, it was a little too early but her time still came, RIP Its a touchy subject standing on the desk with the knot tied above it He said “It takes 10 seconds of bad judgement" you better think twice before you say fuck it, damn I know you in the sky watching over the minays and the braves and ya daughters tryna soldier through life with the weight on they shoulders I just thank God for knowing ya so I open a Coors Light and pour it for ya I regret that I couldn’t support and be there for ya so I’ma mourn ya til I join ya fam Cuz nowadays I find myself sitting here after the last call, so I cut out all the chitter chatter blowing all my money like what good does it matter? Couldn’t hear my cries behind the laughter, after a youngin broke down and shattered From reminiscing about the homies in the rafters the type of thoughts that make a youngin drink faster Maybe I was born under a bad sign? I guess thats the life of a cancer It feels like that my life is goin backwards I got a list of questions and I’m looking for the answers man My heart broken, I’m chain smokin, them bottles open, until the early morning when a youngin yawning, cuz we’re still mourning And its all because of that suicide not saying that I ever tried, but I’ve thought about it, man I can’t deny I miss you dawg, its been so hard, you made an impact on all of our lives your baby girls will always have a spot in my heart forever, it brings tears to my eyes Cuz you were that guy that taught us how to be a man and keep our heads held high, and add fuel to the fire So Rest In Paradise to my M-I-N-A-Y’s that turned into some angels over time There’s not a day that goes by, when you’re not on my mind if you love somebody then tell em, cuz you never know when its the last goodbye, [Hook] [Outro: Young D] Yeah, and even tho we had some minays that turned into angels I, am forever grateful for the Creator for placing somebody like you in my life More than a friend, YOU, were my minay until the end and, I know in due time we’ll meet again, but…until then, rest easy.
[Hook: Nyomi Wahai] Standing here by myself in a place I find my peace of mind Cuz I’m finding myself and its alright We break down, we cry gotta take it all in stride I’ve got the strength within with my people by my side [Verse: Yung Trybez] I’ve been going with the flow, riding out a wave but nowadays to figure that its time to act my age I got people telling people “These minays will never make it” but throw me at a stage and it feels like I’m famous What up with all the hatred? the blood flowing through ain’t the same but we related And its all love cousin, to all my relations don’t worry about em haters man, that’s how the creator made em Man I really hate to say it but not all lives are equal none of us is same, so I’m praying for my people Some won’t even get to see through what we doing this year cuz we got murdered and some missing that will never reappear But my cheeks ain’t made of sugar man, they ain’t gonna melt we preservere through the pain and the tears we’ve been dealt Cuz at my lowest, man I though of an escape so I gotta thank my people for every breath that I take [Hook] [Verse: Young D] I feel like young Slim Shady, hitting rock bottom boys ask if I’m aight but I don’t really feel like talking Cuz I'm the rose growing from the concrete tryna blossom through every single dark night, no gotham I was told to get it how you live I say turn a negative to a positive On the days where I be stressing more than just a little bit grown ass man but at heart I'm still a kid yo, Yeah, I tell my bro that he worry too much he replies back “Bro, you don’t worry enough” Young bucks who ain’t the got the bucks, its tough dawg, I know, this life can get a little rough man Yeah, so nowadays I’m just coasting going through the motions thinking fuck all these emotions I’ma hop up in the car and take a cruise down the road where the fam all go to take a dip down by the ocean Yeah. Its day light, so there’s no stars to make a wish to take away the pain this i’m sick of Got me talking like Money Making Mitch cuz I just need to be around some love mayne Yeah, I end up seeing my homie Soupcan can’t nobody help me smile more than that dude can Or my brother Dan The Man, who’s the only man that can understand me without talking man You minay’d my day, cuz all of a suddenly my mood switched and I don’t feel hopeless Can’t stress how bad I needed this cuz it got me smiling in a beautiful bliss and I thank you [Hook]
[Young D] Minay tees when step up in the building know we keep it chugging from the city to the villy Dawg I be ready, call it thrilly in manilly homie let’s get down for the crown so we can see really whats up [Yung Trybez] What up? i’m minay to a tee i die for my team na mean, yeah like a needle to a fiend, i use the pen to chase a dream and these haters still try to intervene [Young D] We kick it like Draymond Green Bruce Sprinsteen, boy I’m tougher than the rest all about making cream but I’m far from the pest [Yung Trybez] I take a shot without a vest and I speak in native tongue like A Tribe Called Quest Take a look at my crew, they all brown as shit we the beavers, eagles, ravens, and the black fish we about to get stupid, the minays about to lose it [Young D] and you know we just do it like the nike swish [Hook: Young D & Yung Trybez] Yo, fellas bring ya hands to the flo beat it with a purpose like a drum circle Ladies, show em what cha mama gave ya we just came to party cuz we naughty by our nature Aye, this the clash of the clans keep it to the flo if you know how to dance Keep your hands in the form when you’re down in the stance who ya best man? this the clash of the clans [Yung Trybez] I never try hard, i’ma die hard we the suicide squad this about to get bizarre And the beats in my bones, got me feeling kinda odd I’m the god of my clan, where’s my round of applause? [Young D] Man hell naw! a youngin be eccentric, squad is a mix of the vanilla and the nesquik boys I’m talking about the type that don’t know when to quit shit its too lit, we throw it up like too much liquor hit [Yung Trybez] And I ain’t about to choke, I’m good under pressure devils club around my neck but the rope is leather [Young D] And it don’t get no better, I ain't rock 2 chains [Yung Trybez] Hell naw cousin, I’d rather rock two braids black braid down my back with a crest on my vest and a feather to my chest man it represents my brother but I’d rather have my brother back [Young D] Murdered and the missing, [Yung Trybez] Boy tell me where my sisters at? [Young D] Whats up with the injustice? [Yung Trybez] I never understood that [Young D] Whats up with our resilience? [Yung Trybez] that’s what we never lack [Young D] Homie why so serious? [Yung Trybez] its a warrior thing man [Young D] We misunderstood indians [Yung Trybez] Thats why we do our dance! [Young D] Welcome to the Pow Wow where we never bow down singing loud and proud like our ancestors now [Yung Trybez] Thats the sound of predecessors talking over the suppressors [Young D] Man holla if you hear us! [Yung Trybez] My pleasure, aye Now here’s where it all began, raven stole the sun, what’s the big bang? Thats my cousin fam, I’m a beaver but DAMN he a sly little bugger, is he really a friend? [D] Mama, there go that man that hales off the land from the killer whale clan That’s why I dip and close my hands every time I dance while them eagle boys spread they wings when we jam [Yung Trybez] Where my wolves at? are we getting down tonight? can I run with the pack? I think I just might [Young D] And we dancing with the wolves [Yung Trybez] For the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack [Young D] Nocturnal lifestyle, that’s word to my owls lurking on the dark side while the wolves howl [Yung Trybez] Can I get a bear witness, while I'm on my grizzly [Young D] it ain’t over till I finish [Yung Trybez] We about to get busy [Young D] Is you with me? lets get it jumping like a frog do [Yung Trybez] Is what my people say when they can dance, sing and drum too [Young D] I love it! reppin where I’m from dude [Yung Trybez] We don’t do it cuz we have to, we do it cuz we want to! and when we compete [Young D] know its all love here [Yung Trybez] where the land ain't free [Young D] this a family affair [Yung Trybez] The big chief about to speak [Young D] Everybody’s all ears [Yung Trybez] Rise up to your feet [Young D] and bow your head for the prayer [Prayer] [Outro]
[Intro] This for all my dead chiefs Aye, aye this for all my dead chiefs [Verse 1: Young D] Yi Yi Yi! Here go young Geronimo I'm so minay if you ain't know I don't need reservations when I'm straight up out the rez yo Its go time homie, let's go know I gotta thank Winnipeg's Most AOG, man we keep it aboriginal this youngin skinny but more busy than Biyombo boy I put the team on my back doe we gon' ride and die on me I ain't bee'z in the trap but my hair slicked back like I'm Eazy-E Who rock the spot? D drop it like its hot that's with the AC I'm Stephen Curry, you're Shaqtin' A Fool, that JaVale McGee Word up, let's get real for a minute I'ma grind til I shine, best believe I'm committed I'm a snotty nose rez kid up to the fitted with the heart of a champ, we don't quit it til we get it Its the Brave in my blood and man it takes guts take a look around homeboy, its just us Its go big or bust, ain't no time for rust with my day one fam, in minay we trust! Happy Gilmore, tryna' make the big bucks I go hard to the core, that's from dawn to dusk Sam Cassell, the boy got big nuts with the rock in my hand, I'm the man in the clutch Rookie of the year that skipped the hazing I ain't saying I'm the best, I'm just fuckin' amazing Love me or hate me, it'll never change me like Al used to say "It's Go Time Baby!" [Hook] This for all my dead chiefs that bled for all the land and peace Forgotten ones that been deceased at the top of our family trees Aye, aye, this for all my dead chiefs aye, aye, this for all my dead chiefs {Verse 2: Yung Trybez] Here go young Sitting Bull my love for my people unconditional And you know I'm living in the city but I'm keeping it traditional young aboriginal, labeled as a criminal, AH And they said "Go cut your braids," I ain't having it I stick it to the man like my daddy did...stupid ol' savages Mama'o always wanted me to get it baba'o never knew me god damnit, My abu' made the best damn bannock on the planet and my op' taught me all my bad habits I'm a product of blood shed but every time I bring it up someone change the subject And youngin is correct, I don't need a reservation so when I'm running late, have patience I been taking my time just to enter my prime take a look at me now I do it, I do it, I'm here to pursue it, my mama so proud Word to the youngin, listen up for a second man this if for the man that took a stand to oppression While they fought for our land with nothing but a message this is our home, we ain't scared of your weapons A valuable lesson, now this is my message for Geronimo, Pontiac and all the other legends And the youth of today that'll be my successor I'm ready for war and we're in it together You showed us your teeth, what the hell you expect you're destroying the land that we're here to protect Like the chiefs I respect that I'm about to resurrect here go Yung Trybez, I'm next [Hook] [Verse 3: Young D] Yi Yi Yi! Here go young crazy horse since birth I’ve been labeled as a dark horse Standing up to the bully with the force in the fourth, I’ma kill it like the Purge with no remorse, AH A native with a voice ain’t never good carving out my name in the cedar wood My tribe red like a suit on Suge hate is the new love for the injun that could For real doe hope you can see my smoke signals I’m a native and I know it and I ain’t afraid to show it why you think I let the hair grow? So before we turn into skeletons may the creator forgive me for all my sins I just got minays, I ain’t got no friends And we’ll fight to make it right till the bitter end Real Rez boy and I ain’t talkin dorm residence Most of ya’lll rappin' for them dead presidents well I rap for dead chiefs boy I’m an underdog like March Madness coming through with the W, fuckin up your brackets This for the Chiefs that died to avoid being landless all around the atlas So we gon' fight back with the tracks on my Captain Jack Modoc I be slick with the tactics I’m on a Red Cloud when we standing our ground don’t you worry fam, we got this Chief Poet, Dan George understand that my heart soars For those that couldn't tell their story but the spirits will be with us when reach the glory [Verse 4: Yung Trybez] Here go young Pontiac I'll die for my land, I'll be right back I do this for all of the Braves from back in the day my minay where you at? Cuz we the new slaves, naw man, we originals Stuck in our ways, I'm so minay fucked up individuals (we're fucked up) I'm first in command but you gotta understand that minay be the family against all odds with our backs to the wall, we'll defy gravity I got a big plan for minay and all fans, man we about to go way up cuz the life that I'm livin' was good in the beginning, but for me that ain't enough Let me break it down for you, what I mean by the beginning I'ma bring it way back to a time we were winning Man I'm thinking of a time way before we were indian when our villages were killin' it Then the man came and dragged out the visit tried to kill us off but we failed to diminish Now they're killing off our land like business is business fuck your pipelines, man we about to get vicious I'm a warrior at heart but I'm dealing with grief I'm feeling defeat as I stand with the chiefs Fuck your beliefs about reconciliation we're tryna' stand up from the fall of our nation 8 generations, serving out our sentences thrown at the rez, I'll forever be a resident I mean no offence, but I gotta represent all the chiefs that we lost, fuck a dead president [Hook]
[Intro: Yung Trybez] Picture me rollin, bitch I go Skoden (x3) Picture me rollin, [Verse 1: Yung Trybez] Big chiefs in the building homie pipe down middle fingers up from my hometown From underground Chiefs to the Braves to the Briefs Look who got my back when it goes down On the outside, I'm meta-world peace I'm The malice in the palace, inside I'm a beast Put a fist in the sky for the Sioux Tribe Middle fingers up to the pipelines Shout out to my red skinned blood hounds Holdin' down for the red camp right now My people getting mauled getting put on by the dogs And we're still being cuffed like outlaws Resurrecting the indigenous, Black snake killas' We got every other village out here fighting like guerrillas And were here to take the power from depletist ego maniacs our voice is a weapon and its powerful And I'm spittin' ammunition - Rambo coming out the shadow, no camo No Tar Heels here, no more land to steal Don't fuck with me, I got Hansbrough For standing rock I stand, Lelu's voice I Am We deploy the braves 'fore ya destroy the land 'Bout to take it all back, we them village boys - let's go [Hook: Young D & Yung Trybez] Still we all gon rise, they don’t enjoy us we on that ride or die, cuz we warriors and that’s word to the wise, fuck 'em vultures we stay loyal to the soil, ya’ll can’t beat us so its join us Or bitch we go SKODEN, SKODEN, SKODEN bitch we go SKODEN, SKODEN, SKODEN Bitch we go SKODEN, SKODEN, SKODEN bitch we go SKODEN, SKODEN, SKODEN [Verse 2: Young D] Ever since i was a little K-I-D, I’ve been feeling like my D-A-D every time he’s around the RCMP, man I'm ready to fight cuz its we not me Man I guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree when a goomswa abuse their authority I’m a Snow Goon man I bring the D like Richard Sherman and the L-O-B, BOOM! Wanna talk about the who’s who? You ain’t got a blues clue we don’t fit the same shoes, ok, old news The land is all we got and we refuse to lose so we finna go SKODEN... Jordin TooToo Talk about BUFU, "By Us, Fuck You" we stand with Standing Rock and the Lelu Middle fingers to the sky like the boys in Haida Gwaii we gon start a picket line and we’ll be Saints if we die, (that’s so true) Cypress Hill, homie lets be real, ok here’s the deal My shit ain’t never stank if you thank that a tank ain’t never gonna spill... Get the message that I sen-dog? it ain’t really that hard to comprehend dog I’m screaming FUCK YOU till my skin turn blue like Sonic The Hedgehog [Hook] [Beau Dick speech] When we broke our coppers at the legislature building and the parliament building here in Canada, we broke a spell of false dominance and control. The true custodians of mother earth. We the tribal people have standing, and it is up to the people to uphold justice. That means that law enforcement and the military first responsibility is to protect the tribal people of this land. And we want to remind you American and Canadian citizens, that you are still our guests here and we are still your hosts.
[Intro: Yung Trybez] To my natives tryna' find a way (x3) [Verse 1: Yung Trybez] To my natives tryna' find a way but instead they getting pepper sprayed Locked up behind these bars Hundred thousand dollar bonds, tell me how do we respond? We stand strong and we carry on I stand tall and I salute you all But when you can't afford freedom, what the hell you fighting for? we're fighting for this water so I guess my life's the price of war Are they gangsters or military? crooked cops with choppers ready to pop, Dirty Harry Cuz our buried ancestors are being fucked with tell me who to trust when they're digging up our cemeteries That's just how they treat indigenous breaking laws and treaties and they spin it like they innocent If we the same species, why the hell we treated different? why'd you all turn your backs on our murdered and our missin' On the highway of tears, mother earth is weeping I'm a man tryna' understand the cries of a woman Man they're both life givers that can't be resurrected we gotta put it on our men cuz our men are the protectors And we flipped the flag around I ain't proud of my country, you can burn it to the ground Here's a nation in distress but its hard to pretend like we ain't used to this yet [Hook: Drezus, Yung Trybez & Young D] Can the real warriors stand up? while the feds call for back up (Our women took the lead can the real men man up? our people come in peace don't shoot I got my hands up) Pure indigenous resistance this is how to fight the system (With the patience and persistence and the world as our witness and a fist to the sky for the indigenous resistance) [Verse 2: Drezus] I heard a pain in the war cry speaking tongue to the moon, yeah, true will get ya die Breast plate covers up a broken heart, from the very same folks who said they got it from the start She don't trust nobody memories are preached, throwing babies in the oven Shower with the nuns 'fore she had to cook 'em supper taking all her clothes off, cut the braids off her Systematic with the madness gives 'em false sense of status But that don't mean shit cuz when your ass die, what you gonna leave with? Let my spirit fly, brave like the Iroquois deep like the Plains Creek, nope, we ain't fearing none Put your little red fists up, tell the man you ain't fuckin' with our sisters [Hook] [Verse 3: Young D] Take a look at how the cards were dealt can’t nobody feel the pain we felt I hope that history don’t repeat itself generations that were taught to hate themselves “Give us the land that you don’t want..” that happen to ring a bell? the way we’re standing up, we got em biting nails Our land is sacred but they’re biased to making sales so they’re like "wait, let's take it back so we can increase our wealth" Who’s the real indian giver? history books are bullshitters like ya’ll taught us thanksgiving dinner...I beg to differ They called us savages, when they were the real killers and gave us liquor to kill us quicker, as far as I remember That residential fucked our mental, that shit’ll haunt ya while they fucked our sons, fucked our daughters, fucked our land, fucked our waters Understand we never faltered as they tried to kill a culture then be so quick to leave us like Ted Mosby at the alter And say “Get over it” like its irrelevant we never die, we multiply and this our revenant What up? we’ve been oppressed since the day before for fuckin' ever Huh? so why the hell you think we stand together?! Peaceful protectors shot and thrown in jail is what I’m seeing by disrespectful and neglectful human beings So its us against the world now, i’m dead serious Cuz the only time they rooted for the indians was the World Series [Hook]


The self-titled debut album "Snotty Nose Rez Kids" is an LP that hits all the highs and lows along the journey of a couple kids from the rez, but you'll feel it no matter where you’re from! Talking about our oppression, resilience, and resurgence, politics, mental health, healing, growing up on the reservation, and unity. SNRK covers many of our collective lived experiences.


released January 28, 2017

Recording Engineers: Clayton Charleyboy & Darren “Young D” Metz
Mixed by: Darren “Young D” Metz
Mastered by: Mike Rogerson
Recorded at: Harbourside Institute of Technology
Album cover art by: Quinton “Yung Trybez” Nyce, Santiago X, & Jennifer Bolton


all rights reserved



Snotty Nose Rez Kids Vancouver, British Columbia


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